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Mr. Dang Kien Cuong, MIT.


 Ms. Hoang Thi Lan, MA.

Deputy Head

Mr. Truong Tue Minh, Engr.


Ms. Tran Thi Le Hang, B.Ed


Ms. Than Do Dieu Huong, B.Ed.


Mr. Nguyen Dai Thach, Engr.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Engr.



ü To advise the President on the work of politics, ideology, culture and educational environment building, character formation and moral qualities for students.

ü To implement resolutions, policies and guidelines of the Party and the Government, to seize political situation, ideology, psychology of students.

ü To implement management and evaluation on training students.


      3.1 Political Mission

ü To organize programs and plans on the ideological and political work of students; Regularly to monitor,  to grasp the situation of students’ ideas in NLU to inform the Party Committee, and the Board of Presidents promptly and objectively and  to propose policies and appropriate measures to address the issues related to students' ideas.

ü To hold Citizens Week at the beginning of the course for students; to coordinate with the Faculty/Department to organize End-of-Course Week or a New Academic Year Week; politics learning sessions, the rules and regulations learning sessions, discussions on domestic and international news in order to enhance political enlightenment,and to prevent adverse effects and social evils from students.

ü To have dialogues between students and leaders at all levels of NLU; by that way, the office can understand the feelings and aspirations of students for timely and effective proposals to the Board of Presidents for settlement.

ü To organize psychological counseling activities in order to have a psychological grasp of students, which enables students to take measures to prevent deviation of orientation, ideology and psychology.

ü To implement propaganda and to promote NLU under the direction of the Board of Presidents.

ü To have evaluation on training point of the whole academic year for students.

ü To implement the Internal Bulletin.

ü To coordinate with Faculties, Youth Union, Student Council… to build a healthy educational environment; to organize activities for student movement, the demonstration sessions, exhibitions, cultural, sport and art activities.

ü To coordinate with Youth Union and Students Council for organizing extracurricular activities and volunteer teams of the University.

ü To coordinate with the Office of the Party Committee, Trade Union, Political Theory Department to organize thematic learning about the Party as well as the Resolution of the Party for students.

ü To coordinate with other relevant units, authorities and local police in the dissemination of political ideology, to maintain security and order among students.

       3.2 Student affairs mission

ü To have administrative management towards students, to confirm student certification papers as assigned by the Board of Presidents. 

ü To be responsible for issuing the student handbook; Student card.

ü To receive comments from students, to resolve or to present questions or complaints of students to the University.

ü To create and manage student emails, to transmit information of the University to the students.

ü To implement procedures and give instructions on payment for accident insurance for students as prescribed.

ü To deploy reviewing academic scholarships to encourage students each semester.

ü To make exemption regime for students’ tuition as prescribed.

ü To stand the Councils of commendation, student discipline and training evaluation on the results of students. To coordinate with other units to track, to  inspect and to perform emulation, commendation and student discipline.

ü To receive, to seek sources of scholarships for students from organizations, businesses, individuals and benefactors within and outside Vietnam and to be responsible for distribution of scholarships to student according to regulations. 

ü To implement test rule amd university regulations. To coordinate Youth Union, Student Council and relevant units to test rules and regulations compliance of the students.

ü To coordinate with other  units involved in outpatient work.

ü To coordinate with the revelant units to participate in admission counseling and vocational guidance.


Room 7, Floor 1, Phuong Vy House, Nong Lam University  - HCM City. Tel: 0838.974.560

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