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On the morning of May 16, 1818, the Faculty of Economics organized a seminar on the program of agricultural economics of the Faculty. Attendance of the program includes the following stakeholders: The employer is the representative of the enterprise, the beneficiary of the training is the representative of the students, the alumni together with the staff of the lecturer faculty.

 The program is very active with many ideas and ideas to contribute to the agroforestry program, in terms of program allocation in this field in the near future. Businessman Huynh Thanh Van - Chairman of the Board of S Furniture Joint Stock Company, Vice Chairman of the Advisory Council for South Region Startup and also a former student of the Faculty of Economics thinks that the role of the school relationship. And business is very important, which is the basis to know whether the training program is appropriate, meet the needs of business or not? It is also a chance for students to rub and have high employment opportunities after graduation. He appreciates the good connectivity in this aspect of NLU, so that students have favorable conditions in practice, practice, and high employment opportunities. Regarding the training program of the agro-forestry economics major, he suggested that the name should be changed to Agricultural Economics, as well as to add practical subjects as a business semester, to increase the time of rubbing. practical for students.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Danh, director of Ngan Thinh Phat Co., Ltd, said that the company highly appreciates the attitude of employees, he said when recruiting a laborer, even businesses they both Stay at home and treat your parents, how to recruit or not. Therefore, in addition to specialized knowledge, the school should pay more attention to the training of skills, especially the attitudes of students, enhance the topics related to professional ethics, ...
The opinions of Mr. Nam, Dr. Dang Le Hoa, lecturers of the department also said that this issue is very alarming and really pay attention, each lecturer not only taught the class but also taught students In terms of attitude, about how to behave in the school as well as outside, according to her "her attitude towards her decision to work that is successful or not."
Mr. Huynh Thanh, a former student of Thu Dau Mot University, is not able to hide his pride as a former student of Nong Lam University and because of his comprehensive and comprehensive knowledge. However, he also expressed his concern that the program is quite heavy in knowledge, in theoretical and political disciplines. He hopes that the Faculty will focus more on the subjects of knowledge. majors, skills for students, ...
Dr. Tran Dinh Ly, Head of the School Training Department, also a faculty member said that it should and should be included in the program on the topic of startup because it is not only practical in the current context but also instructed by the Ministry of Education and Training about starting a business in the country. He also said that the school's current programs should focus on strengthening the practice, practice in the business to draw closer the gap between the theory of students learning with the reality of the working environment outside.
The opinions of other entrepreneurs present also highlight the opportunities for practicing and practicing of students, emphasizing that besides mitigating the "hard" knowledge or theoretical subjects should increase Adding soft skills or vocational skills to students has the opportunity to rub in the field. Entrepreneurs also commented that the school should put in the topic of starting a business so students have the background knowledge to start the graduation for students.
Discussions continue to be hot with comments from Entrepreneurs, students and students who are studying, many students expressed their desire to reduce the hard subject, want the school to create more conditions for Students have the opportunity to practice internships, improve their foreign language skills, improve their skills and attitudes, and have a better relationship with them. rubbing against the outside, equipping students with competencies in other fields.
Prof. Nguyen Van Ngai, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, highly appreciated the significance of the talk program. He said that the organization of the talks and seminars had received comments from enterprises, alumni and students. , internal and external faculty to improve and tailor the program accordingly is an indispensable requirement for developing training programs that truly meet the needs of society; Equipping students with high quality human resources to meet the standards of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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