Center for Student Support and Business Relations, a unit of state-owned enterprises in the fields of social work, performs functional activities to support students, to create relationships with businesses and to get the fund for those activities from Nong Lam University. In the long run, the Centre will pay attention to the activities and services having revenue to offset a portion of the cost and to support the development of the University.
A. Student support:
To organize and participate in seminars, conferences and job fairs. 
  • To organize and provide services to facilitate internships and practice for students. 
  • To link the generations of students of  Nong Lam University in order to take advantage of human resources to support the activities of the University. 
  • To cooperate with a number of units in order to create conditions for students to participate in recreation and academic programs.
  • To organize activities to support students within and outside of the University.  
  • Portraits of Nong Lam University students: The articles about the activities that the Center coordinates with the Unviersity nd other organizers, the outstanding problems of the University, faculty, students and alumni... in order to introduce the image of NLU developing to become a multidisciplinary university as well as the image of dynamic students who succeed in many fields.
  • Student Handbook:  to provide information on accommodation for students, to introduce the language center, the information technology center and to share study-abroad experience ...
B. Enterprise relations and cooperation
  • To consult and cooperate with institutions and unions from the national and overseas university in study - abroad. 
  • To provide short-term training, re-training, professional training and technical training. 
  • To combine training and application and to create jobs for workers as prescribed by law. 
  • To recruit and apply online: besides posting job announcements, the Center also introduces jobs through the website which faciliates ontacting quickly and smoothly. The Center as a news channel helps the University capture the jobs and professions in need for society, as well as help teaching associate with recruitment needs. 
  • Nong Lam University Students Forum: Where to exchange, to share and to connect between students - the University, faculty - alumni. The forum is a platform for students generations to increase their chances of success in academic, career, life and to create outside human resources for the University ... 
  • Scholarships – Study abroad: to provide information on scholarship programs, study abroad counseling and experience sharing...
  • Training: To introduce and notify training courses opened by the Center in collaboration with other organizers.


Room 9, Floor 1, Phuong Vy House, Nong Lam University  - HCM City. Tel: 0838.974.560

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