Connell Bros. (Vietnam) is a Leading International Distributor in the Vietnamese Specialty Raw Material.
With more than a century of experience in Asia and headquartered in the U.S., Connell Bros. Vietnam is a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers and suppliers alike.
We also bring best in class supply chain services to our customers, meeting their needs for just in time and on time in full deliveries. A fully integrated logistic capability, providing our customers with service excellence.
Our Business Unit Teams of qualified and experienced sales professionals, with technical capability are here to understand our customer needs bringing to them the solutions that they are seeking to drive their business growth and development.
Our Supply Chain team brings our customers service excellence to ensure we always have the right products at the right time with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi and warehousing nationwide.
With the need of expand business, we are recruiting Technical Sales executive for Paper Department in Ho Chi Minh City.
Below is the Job description for this position


Job purpose:
- The Technical Sales Executive (TSE) in Paper BU employs his/ her knowledge of our principal’s products together with an acute understanding of customers’ needs to “value sell” CBC’s industrial raw materials/ chemical in paper industry.
- By understanding the value of CBC’s products, the TSE build profit margins and market share, and establishes CBC as the leading supplier of raw materials and chemical in paper industry in Vietnam.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Sales Performance Planning and Driving:
Achieve or exceed budgeted sales and OP
Achieve AR collection as due date
“Value sell” products and build profit margins by identify and provide technical support to Customers including problem shooting, formulation, trial running, etc. to meet Customers’ needs/expectation
Create customer intimacy through frequent visits and ‘multi- level’ communication (R&D, Marketing, Production, Purchasing, Top Management)
Maximize sales by fully promoting synergy selling of all CBC products
Resist price discounts and push through price increases by “value sell product” to build company profitability and / or comply with principals’ price increases.
Regularly visit customers in person.
Develop new customer, new segmentation as per management guidance.
Draft PCS then send it to customers care team
Provide product’s information (catalogues, technical data, manufacturing date, shelf-life…) to Customers
2. Reporting
Commit to transparency with CBC and principals by regular and timely submission of internal and external reports, especially new project reporting
Report on time in full
3. Others:
Any other assignment from superior.


  • Forecasts, target volume.
  • Contact suppliers/ customers for products pricing, technical information, etc…
  • Product complaint solving.
  • Individual working planning

Job Requirement
- Qualifications and Education:

  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Science / Chemical Engineering or related fields
  • Fluency in spoken and written English skills

- Experience:

  • At least 3 year experiences in Technical Sales functions in Paper industry

- Knowledge:

  • Knowledge about pulp and paper

- Competencies required:

  • Integrity
  • Service orientation
  • Confidentiality
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork & Communication Skills
  • Problem solving and Decision Making
  • Relationship building
  • Self & Business Discipline
  • Client Technical Support

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Mọi thông tin chi tiết xin vui lòng liên hệ: Trung Tâm Hỗ Trợ Sinh Viên & Quan Hệ Doanh Nghiệp,Trường Đại Học Nông Lâm TP.HCM
Điện thoại: 08.37245397

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Nhập ngày : 15-06-2015
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