Sale Executive for AMWPF Division of ACHISON JSC. (Treatment policy good for workers)
Location: Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh
Contact: Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc- Email:

Dear potential candidates!
To expand our market, ACHISON would like to recruit one sale executive in charge wood and plastic market as below information:
1. Customer Meeting & Sales Planning

  • To make customer appointment planning and conduct sales visits to customers in the assigned territory to promote the products
  • Develop and implement sales strategies to achieve personal sales targets.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with new and existing customers
  • Search the market and look for business opportunities

2. Sales Reporting

  • Submit weekly and monthly activities report on customer appointment planning
  • Weekly update sales opportunities identification, evaluation, and follow up status on sales

3. Market & Competitor Analysis

  • Work closely with the marketing team, business development team and head division to build up customer databases, market analysis, and competitor analysis
  • Analyze market trends to identify the competitors’ strategies to position oneself well

4. Product Learning
• To create self-learning schedule for the assigned product portfolio to

  • Acquire an overall understanding of all available product ranges and models
  • Acquire substantial knowledge about key features of the target product models
  • Understand competitors’ counter arguments and how to tackle to change mindset and switch brands
  • Able to consult on different product configuration for different customer budget
  • Able to demonstrate and promote the target products in a professional manner


  • Bachelor degree.
  • Good at English (know Chinese, Japanese, Korean is advantadge)
  • New graduate are welcome.
  • Willingness to travel
  • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to work independently as well as a team in promoting company products
  • Acquiring-minded and well-organized

C. At  ACHISON JSC , we offer a wide range of benefits for our staff:

  • Competitive Salary, Bonus & Other Allowances such as Mobile, Travelling...
  • Professional, active and friendly working environment
  • Long term commitment to support you advance in your career path through training & education
  • Opportunity to attend training courses by international brands & sharing from Board of Management
  • All benefits according to Viet Nam Labor Law (Eg: Social Insurance, Healthcare Insurance...)
  • If you are seeking a company built on Trust, Integrity, Team Work, Accountability & Customer First; come and join us!
  • Kindly send CV in English with your latest photo to us(Contact: Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc- Email:
  • Hope to see you soon.
  • About Our Company:
  • ACHISON Joint Stock Company was established in 1998, Achison is leading in role performance and well regarded credential with a track record of work experience and achievement to industrial market, industrial customers.  
  • The Name “Achison” “Achison” is invented from the two words “achievement” and “son”. It turns out to be a great brand name. It has become a source of joy to our parents, the subject of conversation when they talk about their children. They are proud of their children, they are proud of the “Achison”. 
  • Achison Corporation today is owned a history of outstanding distributor role to industrial market. It is well qualified and regarded company to principal suppliers and industrial customers with brand credential leverage, organizational leverage, financial leverage.

Achison - Key to Success: Loyalty to “wish of achievement” is the foundation of success. Enriching role is to safeguard the distance of our advantage and to leap ahead to next level of achievement.  We share Achison-key-to-success to principal suppliers and industrial customers. We earn appreciation and business.

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Nhập ngày : 19-04-2016
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